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 More about me.

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PostSubject: More about me.   Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:06 am

Thought this might be worth adding. I have been a talent agent for 30 years. Movies, commercials, print, etc. Dated an ICM agent in Miami for several years who rep. famous singers, etc. Met many incl. Jack Jones, Paul Anka, etc.

Am sort of immune to most talent. When you repr. thm you see a different side than when they're performing. You should hear what music agents say privately about famous singers.

I was a judge in a talent contest in Atlanta where Ryan Seacrest was the MC about 13 years ago. Tried to get him on some commercial auditions but he was always doing his radio show.

I have this ridiculous "crush" on David Cook. Won't tell you my age as it is totally inappropriate. He does seem (not look) older than he is. 20's is usually an age where you think about yourself and not others.
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PostSubject: Re: More about me.   Mon Jun 30, 2008 2:56 am

Yeah, I'm way too old for David too, LOL. I have no personal designs on him but I totally admire him and think he's an amazing talent. Now, if I could somehow time warp my 25 year old self into the present, it might be a different story.... Smile
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More about me.
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